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Discover packaging excellence with our tried and true solutions, meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of your products. Our commitment to quality ensures that each package stands as a testament to durability, functionality, and visual appeal. Whether you seek custom designs, secure protection, or eco-friendly options, our packaging solutions have proven reliability across various industries. Partner with us for packaging solutions that stand the test of time and deliver excellence with every package.

Order Affordable & Custom-Made Candle Boxes

Candles have been used throughout history for illumination, rituals, and ambiance, evolving into versatile accessories for various occasions. Their flickering flame symbolizes tranquillity and has cultural significance in diverse traditions. It is time to personalize your candles with a branded candle box now. Candle boxes of all sizes and styles are available from our company at prices that will surprise you. Select the material and candle box style first, then customize it with inserts, cuts, finishes, and add-ons. You can order as few as 100 pieces and yet stay within your budget. Everything is made in-house, so we can tailor our services to your specific requirements and provide you with reasonable pricing. Getting a box has never been easier than with the assistance of our box specialists.

Get Premium Add-Ons And Features On Your Wholesale Candle Packaging Boxes

To create an unforgettable experience for your consumers so that they will always remember your business, peruse our wholesale candle packaging boxes and choose premium accessories like window patching, gold foil, and more.

Make sure you receive the candle packaging you deserve without breaking the budget with the help of our competent packaging specialists. They are accessible 24/7 to advise you. Make sure to provide the precise measurements of your candle box when placing your order. Any size of packaging you can imagine is within our capabilities. To make sure the candle box is the right size for your candle, we provide free samples before we make a large order.

Our Custom Candle Packaging USA Made With Durable Cardboard

For those who want to distribute their candles directly to consumers, we offer custom candle packaging USA manufacture from corrugated material. This will further safeguard your candle jars during shipment. To further safeguard candles from damage caused by shipment mismanagement or impact, we now manufacture candle packaging with inserts.

  1. Candle packaging boxes manufacture from 14 pt. cardboard is not only lightweight and inexpensive, but it can also stand proudly on display.
  2. The regular 18 pt. cardboard stock that we use to make our candle packaging is somewhat thicker and has a substantial feel to it.
  3. Nonetheless, 24 pt. cardboard stock is the thickest and offers the most durable alternative for your things.

So, why wait? We are your best boxes manufacturer for candle packaging!

Types Of Our Cardboard Candle Boxes USA

Our goal is to assist you in selecting the most suitable packaging option for your business from the wide variety of options available.

Here are some of the most common varieties of cardboard candle boxes USA:

  • Lock bottom
  • Crash bottom
  • Two-piece
  • Straight and reverse tuck
  • Boxes with inserts

Alright, let’s begin.

  • Lock Bottom: For jars of glass or heavier candles, lock bottom boxes are ideal. To ensure maximum safety, you tuck the bottom flaps into a tight lock. Following that, the lower flaps remain closed, and the consumer is limited to opening just the top ones.
  • Crash Bottom: Unlike lock bottom boxes, crash bottom boxes have bottom flaps that handle automatically in a fixed lock when folded. Heavy items can be safely transport in the box since the bottom section remains closed.
  • Two-Piece Storage Containers: For high-end labels, a two-piece box is ideal. When it comes to gift boxes, they are perfect. Unboxing is an extraordinary experience, and you have a tray with a cover.
  • Straight And Reverse Tuck: Many different kinds of items are often pack in straight tuck boxes or reverse tuck boxes. Lighter items work better with them since the top and bottom can be opened.
  • Candle Boxes With Inserts: Your products will be further protect with inserts. They secure the candle and, thanks to the additional effort put into the packaging, can make it appear more opulent. Any candle box with inserts can be made by us.

What Do We Call Customize Candle Boxes In America, Spanish, And French?

  • In America, candle boxes are simply refer to as “candle boxes.” The term remains consistent in both everyday and business language.
  • In Spanish, candle boxes are called “cajas de velas.” The translation directly reflects the purpose of the boxes, indicating they are containers for candles.
  • In French, candle boxes are known as “boîtes à bougies.” Similar to Spanish, the term translates to “boxes for candles,” clearly describing the contents and function of the packaging.

How To Order Candle Packaging From Us?

There are the following key points that you should take into consideration;

  1. Determine the size and shape you’d like to achieve.
  2. Select the style of candle packaging box that you find appealing.
  3. Select the appropriate material, such as cardboard,m rigid, and corrugated.
  4. Choose whether you want Full-color (CMYK) as well as Pantone (PMS) printing.
  5. Send us your artwork to receive the design template for the box.

Get Top-Notch Quality Candle Packaging Boxes

Make a statement with our stunning candle boxes. Any size you can imagine is available in our extensive selection of custom candle boxes. Our candle packaging boxes are create from strong, high-quality cardboard and also provide a variety of fascinating coating choices, including high gloss and soft matte. Get a free door-to-door quotation on custom packaging boxes now with the shortest turnaround time and affordable prices.  

What Is Candle?

A candle is a simple lighting device that typically consists of a wick surrounded by solid fuel, commonly wax. When ignited, the wick burns slowly, providing illumination. Beyond their practical use for lighting, candles are often employed for ambiance, religious ceremonies, or aromatherapy, contributing to a serene atmosphere.

What Are Different Sizes Of Custom Printed Candle Boxes In The Market?

Sizes for custom printed candle boxes are;

Tealight Boxes
Diameter: 1.5 inches to 2 inches
Height: 1 inch to 1.5 inches

Votive Candle Boxes
Diameter: 2 inches to 3 inches
Height: 2 inches to 3 inches

Pillar Candle Boxes
Diameter: 3 inches to 4 inches
Height: 3 inches to 9 inches

Taper Candle Boxes
Diameter: 0.75 inches to 1 inch
Height: 6 inches to 18 inches

Jar Candle Boxes
Diameter: 2 inches to 4 inches
Height: 2 inches to 8 inches

Floating Candle Boxes
Diameter: 2 inches to 3 inches
Height: 1 inch to 2 inches

Is Candle Box Packaging Eco-Friendly?

Many manufacturers now offer eco-friendly options for candle box packaging, using recyclable materials or incorporating sustainable practices. It’s advisable to inquire about the eco-friendly options available when selecting your packaging.

Do Wholesale Candle Boxes Come With Printing And Branding Options?

Yes, wholesale candle boxes are widely available. You can choose from various printing options to showcase your brand logo, product information, and even vibrant designs, enhancing the visual appeal of your candles on the shelves.

How Can I Ensure My Candles Are Secure In The Packaging During Transit?

Our expert packaging providers often offer solutions such as inserts, dividers, or custom foam molds to secure candles in transit, preventing breakage or damage. Discussing your specific packaging needs with us can help tailor a solution for safe transportation.

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